Friday Night with Jai Nepal.

6:00 pm Friday February 3, 2017 to 9:00 pm Friday February 3, 2017
Ai-La Lounge . Restaurant

A relaxing weekend is knocking you to swing along with the rocking band Jai Nepal with their soulful musical performance.
Savour yourself with mouthwatering food and exotic drink this friday only at Ai-La Lounge . Restaurant.

Hope to see you all.

For bookings and reservations please call us through 9801018681.

Nepal Idol 2017

First time ever in Nepal, the international singing competition is soon to set views on AP1 television. The international franchise ‘Idol’ is the most viewed show all over the world. The show first started in England; In 2009 British producer Simon Fuller started the television reality show, which is very popular in various countries.


The show is televised in various countries by adjoining the country name to Idol, but in England, the singing competition is popular with the name ‘Pop Idol’. The show became worldwide famous when the American Fox channel in 2002 started broadcasting the show as ‘American idol’. The ‘Idol’ franchise now is associated in various other countries like America, Australia, Arab, Indonesia, New Zealand, Latin America, Poland, South Africa, Pakistan India and Iceland.


Nepal has also associated it relation with the popular franchise ‘idol’. The competition format and music will be organized by ‘Nineteen Entertainment and Fremantle media North America’.


The show is soon to be televised in the near future, and the preparation for the broadcast of ‘Nepal Idol’ is being done by AP1 television.

“For the competition, the necessary research, the talent hunts and the venue have already been finalized and made”, says Laxman Poudel, the producer of ‘Nepal idol’. He furthermore added, “This isn’t a regular singing competition; we bought the international franchise in Nepal for the first time”.


According to international standards, the selected contestant of ‘Nepal Idol’ must go through the five rounds of selection. The auditions will we made accessible from the seven main cities of Nepal. Biratnagar, Birgunj, Chitwan, Kathmandu, Butwal, Pokhara and Nepalgunj are the 7 cities where open audition will be held.


The people from the age group of 16 to 30 can compete in the open audition. The charge for the audition is free. The selected candidates from the open audition will participate in the Theater round.



Piano round is followed by the theater round and in the piano round, SMS voting will also be made available for the further selection process.


The fourth round includes the Gala round, where only the winner will move ahead to the last round.